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CLASSIC WORKS is strategically positioned in La Ciotat’s Mediterranean shipyard, the South of France’s premier thirty-five hectare secure site. The shipyard is one of the world’s major centres for yacht refits and restorations.
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We have worked on over 160 classic and modern, sailing and motor yachts since 2003.

Browse through our project list below for a small sampling of some of our most memorable and recent projects.

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For more in-progress project photos and the latest La Ciotat Shipyard updates.

We have delivered a diverse range of yacht refits, full restorations and repair projects. Below is a comprehensive list of the yachts we have serviced over the years.

Sail or Motor

LOA (m)






Motor 99 Steel 1943 Caesar Pinnau Vickers Fittings
Motor 80 Steel 1930 Cox & Stevens Krupp General refit
Sail 58 Steel 1896 Dubigeon Dubigeon Interior works
Motor 58 Steel 2007 Andrew Winch CMN yachts Hull works
Sail 57 Steel 1960 Robert Clark De Vries Lentsch General refit
Motor 53.8 Steel 2012 Mariotti Yachts Mariotti yachts General refit
Sail 51.7 Aluminium 2008 Ed Dubois Alloy Yachts General refit
Motor 49.5 Steel 1930 John H Wells Defoe Boat Fittings
Sail 49.5 Steel 2000 NG Herreshoff Van der Graaf General refit
Sail 46.8 Composite wooden 2010 Taka Yachts Su Marine Interior works
Sail 46.32 Aluminium 2001 Dykstra N Architects Holland Jachtbouw Fittings
Sail 43.8 Steel 1992 Olivier Van Meer De Amstel Fittings
Sail 43 Steel 1950 Unknown/Dutch Unknown/Dutch General refit
Sail 42.85 Wooden 1993 Bruce King Abeking & Rasmussen Fittings
Sail 41.15 Wood on steel 1928 William Fife & Sons William Fife & Sons Mast works
Motor 39.7 Steel & Alu 1979 CRN CRN Major hull/deck wks
Sail 39.4 Steel 1933 Charles Nicholson Camper & Nicholson Fittings
Sail 39 Wooden 2009 Barka Shipyard Barka Shipyard Interior works
Sail 38.5 Steel 1991 Diana yacht Scheepswerf Friesla General refit
Sail 37.5 Steel 2004 Studio Scanu Bod-Yat General refit
Sail 37.25 Wooden 1946 Torre del Greco Torre del Greco Major hull/deck wks
Sail 36.5 Wooden 1936 Alfred Mylne Alexander Stephens Hull works
Motor 36.25 Steel 1936 Camper & Nicholson Camper & Nicholson General refit
Sail 35.61 Steel 1963 Sparkman & Stephens Abeking & Rasmussen General refit
Sail 35 Aluminium 1994 Dubois NA Alloy Yachts General refit
Motor 34.5 Wooden 1979 Bernie Cohen Ray Kemp General refit
Sail 34.1 Wooden 1904 Charles Nicholson Camper & Nicholson New teak deck
Motor 33.5 Carbon composite 2012 VPLP JFA Shipyards Hull works
Motor 31.59 Steel 1938 GL Watson GL Watson General refit
Sail 30.5 Carbon composite 2006 Rivoyre Ing Compositeworks General refit
Sail 30.2 Aluminium 1999 German Frers Royal Huisman New teak deck
Sail 30 Wooden 1912 William Fife III Fife & Son Hull works
Sail 30 Carbon composite 2003 Vaton H2O General refit
Sail 29 Wood on steel 1914 W.Fife W.Fife Hull works
Sail 28 Wooden 1950 Inconnu Inconnu Hull works
Sail 25.3 Wooden 1892 Charles Nicholson Camper & Nicholson General refit
Motor 25 Wooden 2003 Chantier l’Esterel Chantier l’Esterel Major hull/deck wks
Sail 24.9 Aluminium 2005 Inigo Toldeo JFA Shipyards General refit
Sail 24 Carbon composite 1995 German Frers Wally yachts General refit
Sail 24 Carbon composite 2006 Farr Yacht Design Wally yachts General refit
Sail 22.9 Wooden 1925 Alfred Mylne Berthon Boat Co General refit
Sail 22.9 Wooden 1939 John Bain James A Silver Hull works
Sail 22.5 to follow 2003 VPLP Sunreef yachts General refit
Sail 22 Wooden 1956 Laurent Giles Beltrami Major hull/deck wks
Sail 22 Wooden 1963 David Boyd Alexander Robertson General refit
Sail 21.5 Wooden 1948 Keraudren Keraudren Mast works
Sail 21.4 GRP 2007 German Frers Hyals General refit
Sail 21 Wooden 1885 J Beavor Webb Camper & Nicholson General refit
Sail 20.8 Wooden 1938 Bas Fort Grassi Mast works
Sail 20.74 Wooden 1937 Charles Nicholson Camper & Nicholson General refit
Sail 20.2 GRP 1992 German Frers Nautor Swan General refit
Sail 20 Wooden 1916 NG Herreshoff Herreshoff Fittings
Sail 20 GRP 1988 Austral yachts Austral yachts General refit
Sail 19.8 Wooden 1940 John G Alden G Lawley & Sons General refit
Sail 19.5 to follow 1995 Andre Hoek Jachtbouw Klaas Bood Hull works
Sail 19.3 Carbon composite 2005 Farr Yacht Design BSI Marine Interior works
Sail 18.9 Wooden 1948 John Alden di Ciavari Fittings
Motor 18.9 Steel 1961 Faedship Van Lent Hull works
Sail 18.5 Wooden 1991 CN Gatto CN Gatto Mast works
Motor 18.4 Wooden 1926 Camper & Nicholson Camper & Nicholson General refit
Sail 18 Wooden 1890 J Allen J Allen Restoration
Sail 18 Wooden 1938 Charles Jensen Anker & jensen Restoration
Sail 17.75 Wooden 1931 Alfred Mylne Dickie’s of Bangor General refit
Sail 17 Wooden 1908 Fred Shepherd White Brothers Hull works
Sail 16.52 Wood on steel 1935 Johan Anker Anker & jensen Major hull/deck wks
Sail 16.24 Wooden 1946 Olin Stephens Henry Grebe General refit
Sail 16.2 Wooden 1937 Tore Holm Holms Barvarv Hull works
Sail 16.1 Wooden 1938 W.Fife III W.Fife & Son Hull works
Sail 16 Wooden 1964 GL Watson Toughs of Teddington Major hull/deck wks
Sail 15.85 Wooden 1899 Alfred Mylne MacAllister Hull works
Motor 15 Wooden 2003 Latitude 46 Latitude 46 Major hull/deck wks
Sail 14.7 Wooden 1938 Olin Stephens Barrett Boat Works General refit
Sail 14 Wooden 1939 André Mauric Grassi Major hull/deck wks
Sail 14 Wooden 1961 Abeking & Rasmussen Abeking & Rasmussen Hull works
Sail 14 Wooden 1964 Olin Stephens Latham & Sons Hull works
Sail 13.85 Steel 1963 Dick Carter Franz Maas General refit
Sail 13.8 Wooden 1965 Peter Nicholson Camper & Nicholson General refit
Sail 13.7 Wooden 1953 Philip Rhodes Abeking & Rasmussen Hull works
Sail 13.1 GRP 1988 Harwood Ives Ta Shing General refit
Sail 13 GRP 1970 Carter FG builder General refit
Sail 12.7 Wooden 1981 Drogou Rameau New teak deck
Sail 12 Wooden 1951 James MacGruer MacGruer Mast works
Sail 11.64 Wooden 2000 Ancien copie Arfade Hull works
Sail 11 GRP 1979 Doug Peterson New Orleans Marine Hull works
Sail 9.6 Wooden 1966 Stenback Pouvreau Hull works
Sail 8.9 Wooden 1930 Johan Anker Johan Anker Restoration
Sail 8.9 Wooden 1955 Johan Anker Johan Anker Hull works
Motor 8.5 Wooden 1979 Trapani Trapani Hull works
Sail 7.68 Wooden 1942 Tord Sunden Folkboat Mast works
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